Friday, October 31, 2014

Wizards-Magic Game Highlights and GIFs

Photo by Fernando Medina/NBAE via Getty Images

Game-By-Game Magic 2014-2015 Season Predictions

Photo by Layne Murdoch/NBAE via Getty Images

So you can all come back and laugh at me.

Tue. 28       @ New Orleans                      Lose
Thu. 30       WASHINGTON                     Win  
Sat. 1            TORONTO                             Lose
Tue. 4          @ Chicago                              Lose
Wed. 5         @ Philadelphia                      Win
Fri. 7            MINNESOTA                         Win
Sun. 9           @ Brooklyn                            Lose
Tue. 11         @ Toronto                               Lose
Wed. 12        @ New York                           Lose
Fri. 14           MILWAUKEE                         Win
Sat. 15           @ Washington                       Lose
Mon. 17        @ Detroit                                Lose
Wed. 19         L.A. CLIPPERS                      Win
Fri. 21            @ Charlotte                            Lose
Sat. 22           MIAMI                                      Win
Mon. 24        @ Cleveland                           Lose
Wed. 26         GOLDEN STATE                    Lose
Fri. 28           @ Indiana                                Win
Sun. 30         @ Phoenix                               Win
Tue. 2            @ Golden State                      Lose
Wed. 3           @ L.A Clippers                       Lose
Fri. 5              @ Utah                                      Win
Sat. 6              @ Sacramento                       Lose
Wed. 10         WASHINGTON                      Win
Fri. 12            @ Atlanta                                Lose
Sat. 13            ATLANTA                                Win
Mon. 15         @ Toronto                               Lose
Wed. 17         @ Boston                                 Win
Fri. 19             UTAH                                        Win
Sun. 21           PHILADELPHIA                    Lose (on NBA TV)
Tue. 23           BOSTON                                    Win
Fri. 26            CLEVELAND                           Lose
Sat. 27            @ Charlotte                            Lose
Mon. 29         @ Miami                                   Lose
Tue. 30          DETROIT                                   Win
Fri. 2               BROOKLYN                              Lose (on NBA TV)
Sat. 3              CHARLOTTE                             Win
Wed. 7           @ Denver                                   Lose
Fri. 9              @ L.A. Lakers                          Win
Sat. 10           @ Portland                                Lose
Mon. 12         @ Chicago                                 Lose
Wed. 14          HOUSTON                                 Lose
Fri. 16             MEMPHIS                                 Lose
Sun. 18           OKLAHOMA CITY                  Win
Wed. 21         @ Detroit                                   Win
Fri. 23            @ New York                             Lose
Sun. 25           INDIANA                                  Win
Mon. 26         @ Memphis                               Lose
Thu. 29          MILWAUKEE                            Win
Sat. 31            DALLAS                                      Lose
Mon. 2           @ Oklahoma City                    Lose
Wed. 4           @ San Antonio                         Lose
Fri. 6              L.A. LAKERS                             Win
Sun. 8            CHICAGO                                    Lose
Mon. 9           @ Washington                          Lose
Wed. 11         NEW YORK                                 Win
Fri. 20           NEW ORLEANS                        Lose
Sun. 22          PHILADELPHIA                      Win
Wed. 25         MIAMI                                        Win
Fri. 27           @ Atlanta                                   Lose
Sun. 1             CHARLOTTE                             Win
Wed. 4           PHOENIX                                   Lose
Fri. 6              SACRAMENTO                         Win
Sun. 8             BOSTON                                      Win
Tue. 10          @ Indiana                                  Win
Wed. 11         @ Milwaukee                            Lose
Fri. 13            @ Boston                                   Win
Sun. 15           CLEVELAND                            Lose
Tue. 17          @ Houston                               Lose
Wed. 18         @ Dallas                                     Lose
Fri. 20            PORTLAND                              Lose
Sun. 22          DENVER                                    Win
Wed. 25         ATLANTA                                 Win
Fri. 27           DETROIT                                    Win
Wed. 1           SAN ANTONIO                        Lose
Fri. 3             @ Minnesota                            Lose
Sat. 4             @ Milwaukee                            Win
Wed. 8           CHICAGO                                   Win
Fri. 10            TORONTO                                 Win
Sat. 11            NEW YORK                               Win
Mon. 13        @ Miami                                     Lose
Wed. 15        @ Brooklyn                               Lose


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Flamengo-Magic Preseason Game Highlights

Photo by Fernando Medina/NBAE via Getty Images

There was plenty to be happy about if you were an Orlando Magic fan watching them handle Flamengo. It's crazy how badly national media folks still butcher some of these player names.

Respect to the Flamengo fans for bringing the chants and some Brazilian flare to Amway Center.

Someone posted the entire game in case you missed it. It is on the grainy side though.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

SLAM Hosts Aaron Gordon's Rookie Diary

Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images

SLAM Magazine is hosting Magic rookie forward Aaron Gordon's diary as he progresses through the 2014-2015 campaign. Here's Part 1 which I'm posting below as well. The 19-year-old has quickly impressed the SLAM staff. This follows the 7-part rookie diary that Victor Oladipo participated in last season.

Hey it's AG. I'm from San Jose, CA, and I have an older brother and sister, both high-level athletes. Growing up, I was always pushed, whether it was food, attention, whatever; I was always pushed by my siblings. That's what's made me and motivated me. My brother is on the threshold of getting into the NBA, and he used to get all the recognition. I would look at his college letters and that would motivate me.

I always knew I wanted to be in the NBA, but it became a goal after my freshman year, when people were debating the one-and-done rule. I had a good year of AAU and told my HS coach, "I'm going to get as good as possible by my senior year so if they change the rule back, I can do that." But one of the best things I've ever done is go to the University of Arizona. I came to understand about winning and pressure there.

About 10 minutes before the Draft, my agent told me I going No. 4 to Orlando. I turned to my brother and told him, and I almost broke down. I knew it was on TV so I composed myself, but after I let the emotions ride. All I had was happiness in me, and I knew how proud my family was.

I'm in the process of getting settled in Orlando. My sister will be with me, and her and my mom did most of the decorating. I made sure we had a poster of the yin and yang symbol, though. We also got a pool table, bar stools and sushi plates. It's going to be hot! I also leased a matte black Jag.

If the season started tomorrow I would be juiced, so hyped. I'm playing with the best players in the world, I couldn't have better rookies or teammates, and now I get to try and stand out like I know I can. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Magic-Pacers Preseason Game Highlights

Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images

Here's a more extended Magic highlight clip.

Here's a brilliant Magic offensive set that involved an Aaron Gordon behind-the-back pass.

Also, someone decided to record the entire second quarter off whatever stream they were watching.

If there's more from the game, I'll update.