Thursday, August 7, 2014

Andrew Nicholson, Canada Exhibition Tour Footage

If you've been following Andrew Nicholson and his Canadian national team during their 11-game European exhibition tour, then you know that it's been very difficult to hunt down live streams of the games. Thanks to Youtube user BasketArena, you can now watch Nicholson (wearing #7) in international action. Keep in mind, Andrew's post and paint game looks great. The problem has been his sporadic 3-point shooting and struggles to rebound and defend.

August 6th: Canada loses 82-70 to Spain
Andrew Nicholson: 13 points and 5 rebounds
Full game is here.

August 5th: Canada defeats Bosnia-Herzigovina 84-66
Andrew Nicholson: 13 points and 1 rebound

August 4th: Canada loses to Serbia 78-73
Andrew Nicholson: 10 points and 4 rebounds

Click here for game footage.

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