Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Draft Combine Results for Current Magic Players and Prospects

The NBA Stats website has Draft Combine statistics since 2000. So with that information I wanted to show how current Magic men on the roster performed as a way to gauge them against the incoming 2014 class of talent that the Orlando front office may be targeting with their #4 and #12 draft selections.

The Shuttle Run was just instituted back in 2013. Since it's relatively new, I decided to remove it from my spreadsheet tables. I also chose to omit any combine shooting statistics because it's idiotic to only take into account a few drills as a way to measure how a prospect will do in the Association. Below are Magic men currently on Orlando's roster and their measurements as well as drill results:

Notice Arron Afflalo isn't on there because he didn't participate back in 2007. That didn't stop the Pistons from selecting him 27th overall. I'm trying to figure out how Jameer Nelson measured out to be a legitimate 5'11" without shoes back in 2004 because he's not that tall in person. Or maybe I'm taller than 6'1".

Jason Maxiell is shorter than Tobias Harris, but Maxiell's wing span is ridiculous in comparison. It's interesting to see the variations in shoe padding with each player measurement. Even though both are listed at 6'4" in program guides, Doron Lamb is in fact taller than E'Twaun Moore. And yet, Moore's wingspan is almost 3 full inches longer than Lamb's.

Nikola Vucevic's 2011 Draft Combine landed him a record for the worst running vertical leap - 25 inches - that still stands today. Thanks to NBA training sessions, Vucevic is more athletic now than he was at age 20. Plus, you don't need to be a great leaper to be effective when you're almost 7-foot.

I'd be curious to see a 31-year-old Ronnie Price do the lane agility drill again and if he could still beat Victor Oladipo. They have the team's best running verticals as well. Both are athletic freaks which is why both were able to come up with some outstanding highlight reel plays.

I'm a bit surprised to see that Jameer Nelson and Tobias Harris had the top two 3/4 court sprint times. Kyle O'Quinn and Andrew Nicholson have very similar builds, but KOQ is the better athlete in every drill. Curiously, KOQ is one of few players in the combine's history to not have a higher running vertical leap than standing vertical.

So how about those 2014 Draft prospects in the #4 and #12 pick range?

Andrew Wiggins, Joel Embiid, and Jabari Parker chose not to attend the event. Dante Exum and Nik Stauskas are legitimate 6'6" guys in shoes. Julius Randle doesn't have "T-Rex" arms. He has a similar wingspan to Maurice Harkless and it's better than Aaron Gordon's. Gary Harris and Doug McDermott are a bit shorter than advertised.

I'm surprised to see that Marcus Smart is over an inch shorter than Victor Oladipo, but they share the same 6' 9.25" wingspans. Tyler Ennis is a legitimate 6'1", and he still has a larger wingspan than Doron Lamb.

Rodney Hood's wingspan is even with his height in shoes. That's below average by NBA standards. Is it crazy that Marcus Smart weighs more than Aaron Gordon?

Gary Harris, James Young, Adreian Payne, and Kyle Anderson are all potentially in the mix for the #12 selection. All chose not participate in drills for various personal reasons. Dante Exum and Marcus Smart both possess elite agility and above average leaping ability. Perfect for being Orlando's next stud PG of the future.

You can notice why Aaron Gordon gets compared to Blake Griffin. The Arizona product can leap with the best of them. I do want to proudly point out that I barely have a better standing vertical than T.J. Warren. Now I only wish I was 6 inches taller.

I find it intriguing that James Young got out-jumped by by Nik Stauskas and Doug McDermott considering Young's epic National Championship jam. Stauskas and McDermott both may have benefited most at the combine by proving that athletically they can handle the NBA speed and agility demands. McDermott is projected to go in the top 8 while Stauskas is gaining traction among Magic fans as a sharpshooter they need to add to the roster with the 12th pick.

Zach LaVine has the best Lane Agility 10.42 seconds drill time out of anyone mentioned in this posting. The UCLA product also owns the crown in the Standing Vertical with a leap of 33.5 inches. However, LaVine fell just a half inch shy of matching Victor Oladipo's 42-inch running vertical jump from 2013. The 6'5" guard can supposedly be groomed to be a PG which is why he's on Orlando's radar.

I'm stunned to say that Jameer Nelson's 3.14 seconds 3/4 court sprint time isn't surpassed by any other individual. It's amazing what a decade filled with injuries can do to slow you down.

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