Friday, May 2, 2014

Contracts for Jacque Vaughn & Rob Hennigan Extended Through 2015-2016 Season

HENNY & JV FOR 2016!!! The tearing down of the roster is complete. So is hopefully the subtle tanking that was expertly performed. Magic General Manager Rob Hennigan and Head Coach Jacque Vaughn signed three-year deals in the summer of 2012 that included an option by the team to retain them. That option has been picked up, and so Rob and Jacque are on the payroll until summer 2016.

I would certainly hope that the next 2 years will be better than the first two years of 43-121 basketball. The team has done a phenomenal job so far of breaking down the team, getting rid of bad contracts, and developing their talented youth without winning too many games and being in proper Lottery position. Now is where expectations come. It all begins at the 2014 Draft. It would be safe to say that Jacque will be expected to make a push for a playoff spot in a weak East in '14-'15.

Below is a very complimentary quote by CEO Alex Martins on Rob and Jacque sticking around:

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