Saturday, April 5, 2014

Best Postgame Home Quotes of March

3/2/14 - Philadelphia 76ers

Jacque Vaughn on Tobias Harris: "A few times he bailed us out at the end of a shot clock violation so the ability to make shots that's crucial in this league and he has that ability."

Tobias Harris: "They were focusing a lot on Nik (Vucevic) tonight and I saw a lot of openings spacing wise, and so I used it to my advantage."

Sixers Coach Brett Brown: "Our offense hurt us probably more than our defense. Throwing the ball away, not knowing who to go to. And I give Orlando credit that they've raised their intensity and it bothered us. It was a game until the fourth period."

3/5/14 - Houston Rockets

Jacque Vaughn: "I think overall we did a good job especially in the 1st half. A lot of times defensively your offense can help you out. In the third quarter we weren't efficient with the basketball offensively and that hurt us defensively."

Vaughn on a player being booed: "I think at the end of the day the great thing about sports is that you can pay to get a ticket and you can come in and you can cheer and boo for whoever you wan to, it's just a part of sports...What I do love about our fans is that they are passionate and they know they have a group in our locker room that wants to be there."

3/12/14 - Denver Nuggets

Nuggets Coach Brian Shaw: "We knew going in that the team was 0-30 when they've been outrebounded, so we really made an emphasis on rebounding and I thought we did a good job on the boards tonight."

JJ Hickson: "I fee like Orlando is a team we are supposed to beat. Nothing against them...but they are a team we are supposed to beat. We will take it and build off of it."

Victor Oladipo: "We have to learn how to play with a lead and when we get the lead, we have to play like we're down, really. Just continue to keep the foot on the gas pedal."

3/14/14 - Washington Wizards

Tobias Harris: "We were up six with one minute. It's a hard game and we feel that we should be in here enjoying that win but we lost the game. It's a tough one because they made some really tough shots but we still need to execute better down the stretch."

3/25/14 - Portland Trail Blazers

Jacque Vaughn: "Offensive rebounds kept them in the game early and that's something that we talked about in the huddle a few times but overall it was impressive to hold that team to 85 points; a team that is second in the league in points per game. They can put up points extremely fast."

Robin Lopez: "We need to be the aggressors. Orlando put us on our heels tonight."

3/28/14 - Charlotte Bobcats

Bobcats Coach Steve Clifford: "We didn't rebound. We don't want to defend all the time right now. We lack physicality, and then at the end of the game we still had the game won, and we made an incredible mistake."

Nikola Vucevic on his 23 rebounds: "They started off the game really well, then they started to miss some shots and I was able to get some rebounds."

3/30/14 - Toronto Raptors

Jacque Vaughn: "It's more than just one play, guys, there's a 30-point quarter we gave up in the second quarter and it's more than one possession at the end of a game."

Coach Vaughn on free throw disparity: "I'm just going to say the referees were great throughout the game and I'm going to leave it at that."

Tobias Harris: "They are a top team in the East for a reason. You have to be really sharp defensively and offensively first. They are a good team offensively, they have guys that can make shots and it was tough for us."

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