Thursday, April 24, 2014

Best Postgame Home Quotes of April

4/2/14 - Cleveland Cavaliers

Nikola Vucevic: "I just think we didn't do a very good job defensively but you've got to give them credit, they came to play tonight, they played very hard, and they executed very well. They really took the game to us, we didn't respond very well. They were very aggressive, and we didn't respond the right way."

4/5/14 - Minnesota Timberwolves

Tobias Harris: "Making plays like that, exciting plays, where momentum is going our way, the crowd's getting real excited, it gives you energy. It takes it out of the other team and I think that happened tonight."

Kyle O'Quinn: "You've got to have a short memory. It's easier said than done. I was thinking about that game. I just wanted to win tonight. We were all playing together and we got the result we wanted."

Ricky Rubio: "It has been a long season... We tried to do everything we could today but I think in the fourth quarter we ran out of energy."

4/9/14 - Brooklyn Nets

Tobias Harris: "It was a good win for us tonight. To close it out and be in a close, tight game, we've been in a lot of them this year where we weren't able to come out with a victory. So it was a big step for us."

E'Twaun Moore: "We wanted to play fast, that was our goal tonight. We knew they were coming off of a back-to-back and that's what we wanted to do up and down, especially our second unit. So I just filled the lane, think attack and find the open shots."

Jacque Vaughn on Dewayne Dedmon's 2nd start: "It's tough for guys to recognize and accept what they do and just to continue to do it. He's done that since he's been here. You see him get an offensive rebound; if he's not in position he'll bring it out and give us another possession. Those things matter and he understands that. He rolls to the rim. He might not get it but in the 4th quarter he did get it. He ended up putting it in the bucket for us. He's long, he blocked some shots for us tonight, and he was aggressive and running the floor in every possession."

Nets guard Joe Johnson: "This was a game that we needed to win. We haven't been great on back-to-backs. We got out of the gates slow especially in that 2nd quarter. We just didn't come up with the big plays defensively. We couldn't get stops and they put up a lot of points."

4/11/14 - Washington Wizards

Tobias Harris: "The first half we moved the ball a lot, making plays. In the second half, kind of got away from that. Defensively we weren't getting any stops."

Arron Afflalo: "Just can't be helter skelter out there. That comes with maturity and growth and knowing when things get a little patchy or a little rough on the offensive end, knowing what you want to get to and what works well for us."

4/16/14 - Indiana Pacers

Jacque Vaughn: "I really believe in the process of working your way towards really being good and an elite team in this league for a long time and believe me; we're dedicated to that process. You've got good men in that locker room that want to get better and they got better this year. I am extremely proud of the men in that locker room. I'm glad that they allow me to coach them. Indeed there are brighter days ahead."

Kyle O'Quinn: "Two years in, and third year you don't want to be a loser. Then again, I'm not saying we're losers, but we made strides. We have to be up there with the Indiana Pacers and the Heat, teams like that. That's who we want to be like so we're a long way from that. We're a long way from that so, we have to continue to work."

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