Sunday, March 2, 2014

Best Postgame Home Quotes of February

The Magic are definitely playing better at home of late. The 4-1 February record at Amway Center indicates that.

2/5/14 - Detroit Pistons

Pistons Coach Maurice Cheeks on Magic: "And what was discouraging is that they continued to lay the ball in, particularly in the 1st half they got layup after layup. And that was the difference in the way they got a cushion to win the game."

Kyle Singler on Magic's bench: "Harkless and O'Quinn did impact the game. They played well and basically we had no answer tonight."

Victor Oladipo on Kyle O'Quinn: "It was crazy. He played great today, absolutely amazing today. When he's blocking shots and he's still running the floor, beating everybody down the floor, it's crazy energy and we definitely feed off of that."

2/7/14 - Oklahoma City Thunder

Kevin Durant on Tobias Harris' game-winning dunk: "I didn't think he had enough time to be honest. They raced it up there and I thought there were only a few seconds to go. It was a good play."

Durant on not getting back to defend final play: "Yeah I should have. No excuse. That was one of those plays where you start watching because you think the clock is going to run out. You don't ever know what can happen. I should have gotten back. I should have made the shot to be honest."

Scott Brooks on Magic's final play: "When the game's on the line, you've got to do whatever it takes to get that play stopped. But, then give them credit. They played to literally the last tenth of a second. They deserved to win. Give them the credit."

Scott Brooks on Victor Oladipo: "He's a good player. He's an aggressive player. He's offensive minded. He can score. He can put it in the basket at many different spots on the floor. He's only going to get better. He seems like a great kid that works hard, and they've got a good group of guys that coach him."

Jacque Vaughn on Tobias Harris' last play: "It's the competitive spirit, that's it. He was going to out-run whoever was next tot him and he was going to get to the rim and try to make a play for his team."

Coach Vaughn on final play thought process: "It will be interesting on film because as the 50-50 is going on with either Vic or the Thunder guy is going to get it, you know we have a 20-second timeout left so I'm trying to get close to an official thinking about calling a timeout. I see Vic tap it ahead and the rest is a Magic win."

Arron Afflalo on hustle to close out the win: "Those are winning plays. Obviously the moment calls for it. It's not hard to do with the game on the line, but Glen's charge, Mo sprinting down there and creating that lane, Vic hustling to that rebound, and Tobias sticking with it; those are all winning plays and that's the reason we won with a tenth left."

Tobias Harris on buzzer beating dunk: "I had seen Victor get the steal and I just wanted to be down there whether or not he shot a lay-up or if he made it, missed it to congratulate him, to hit a tip in, or anything. He kicked it to Mo and I just kept running, Mo had seen me and my whole momentum was to just get it in the rim. I know there wasn't a lot of time but I got it in there quick enough."

2/9/14 - Indiana Pacers

Jacque Vaughn on end of Magic win: "Well, the last 14 seconds were extremely long. I used 3 different draw-ups to get the ball in-bounds, give them credit for being very aggressive...Nik, just internal clock, it sped up on him a little bit. What I did love, though, was the fact that when we turned the ball over there was all our guys running back and trying to do something on the defensive end. Paul George's shot we have 3 guys trying to contest and another guy trying to tap it out underneath the boards so I was impressed by that after the turnover."

Victor Oladipo on overcoming another 17-point deficit: "Just credit coach Vaughn. I know that we played but he has a competitive edge to him too. He kind of feeds off of us and today going into the 4th quarter he just simply told us 'whoever plays harder is going to win the game. If you really want to win you will play harder than them.' That 2nd unit, we just went out there and we just played hard and played together. Most of all we just played defense. We let our defense juice our offense and when we play defense the offense will take care of itself."

Victor Oladipo on beating the 2 best teams in the league back-to-back: "We play hard. It might sound simple and it might sound kind of plain, but that's really what it is, we just played harder today. We just played hard throughout the whole game, especially in the 4th quarter. Just just let our defense juice our offense and we fed off the crowd. The past 2 games the crowd has been unbelievable. If they continue to keep coming out like that for every game who knows what we can do in this building."

Jameer Nelson on getting better: "I always say that this is a process. You're not going to just become a good or great team overnight. We have to work at it in practice, games and in film sessions. We have to continue to learn to get better."

2/12/14 - Memphis Grizzlies

Grizzlies coach David Joerger on Memphis' win: "I don't care where we play or who we play, this Orlando team has beaten some good teams. Our guys respected them and took this game very seriously after 4 games in five nights."

Coach Joerger on Arron Afflalo: "Afflalo, we did a nice job in the first half, got going a little bit in the 2nd half. That guy's an All-Star. He's had a great year. He's a tremendous player. I love him."

Memphis guard Nick Calathes: "It is a blessing to be out there. I have always been a Magic fan since I was young and watching the games. For me to play on the court in front of my family and friends, it was great. The big thing is that we got the win and I was laughing out there and having a good time."

Tobias Harris; "it was our game, I thought, right there. We let that one slip away. So it's a tough one but we've been playing good basketball, got to bring it every night. Just have to continue to get better."

2/21/14 - New York Knicks

Jacque Vaughn on Victor Oladipo taking control of the 2nd overtime: "He did and he got what he wanted on both ends of the floor whether it was defensively getting into a guy, using his strength to do that or on the offensive end, he didn't call a lot of timeouts. There were a lot of different places where we let him go and it was his decision making."

Coach Vaughn on finally winning an overtime game: "It feels good. We were down 14 at one point, we could've hung our heads then. In the overtime we could've hung our heads when we missed a couple of lay-ups at the rim. We could've hung our heads again but still we kept pushing each other, pulling for each other and good things happened."

Victor Oladipo: "It's no question; I've come a long way. Just as a person, not just as a player and I've been in so many situations, I've had a lot of ups and a lot of downs. Every game I can control one thing; that's what I bring in my energy at both ends of the floor and just play hard no matter what."

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