Saturday, December 7, 2013

Best Postgame Home Quotes of November

Yeah, I'm a week late. This hasn't been an inspiring road trip.

11/1/13 - New Orleans Pelicans

Jacque Vaughn on an aggressive Harkless: "We want all our guys to be aggressive and I think overall his focus at the beginning of the game from the tip, from warm-ups, from his concentration in film. I think overall he was ready to play tonight and it showed. That's the mindset and the attitude that every player has to have each night.

Arron Afflalo: "To protect our home court is a big emphasis this year. Furthermore, we lost a tough game the last game; personally I had a horrible defensive mistake at the end of it. So to come out tonight and perform well as a team in front of our home court was really good."

Kyle O'Quinn: "Being early in the year two wins really doesn't define a team. We have to go out there and stand for something. Get in front of the fans, home fans and just protecting something. Protect the home court. I think that was the fuel tonight, the energy in the gym, all the 25th anniversary stuff. We just need that to carry on for the rest of the season."

Pelicans guard Eric Gordon: "It was tough. They just worked hard. They out-worked us and were knocking down shots. We just could never get into the flow throughout the game. There was no rhythm."

11/3/13 - Brooklyn Nets

Not yet fired Nets Head Coach Jason Kidd on Oladipo: "He's a talented rookie. He's everything that he's been built up to be, and his future is very bright."

Arron Afflalo: "The big part of having freedom offensively and having the offense ran through you a lot is to be a willing passer. The more I score, the more attention from the opposing team you'll get on certain nights, especially when you're playing well or you came off a pretty good game. Last year I found myself forcing the issue a little. This year my goal is to be efficient, pick my spots and use my teammates to elevate my games."

Jacque on Magic's improved 3-point shooting: "I think our guys have worked on their shots, I think we are doing things differently. I said before, I'll treat each year differently. Last year's team needed the offense that we had; this year's team needs this offense that we have. It's up to me to put our guys in position to succeed. The guys have put the work in, they're sharing the basketball, and I think our looks are a little more open."

Brooklyn Center Brook Lopez: "I think they played with more energy. They out-played us. They got to the 50-50 balls. We are definitely better than this team but we didn't show it didn't look like it. They played well and you have to give them some credit."

11/6/13 - Los Angeles Clippers

Clippers Coach Doc Rivers: "I thought they dictated the pace tonight. I thought they dictated the physicality. I thought they were far more physical than us most of the night, and I thought they deserved to win the game, I really did."

Clippers guard Chris Paul: "I think a lot of credit goes to them. They executed on us. They made us guard and once again our defense failed us. At the end of the game we didn't get stops when we needed to. They made a lot of tough jump shots. The guards need to do a better job helping out our big men with all the rolls and the lay-ups. We have to execute too and we should have won that game."

CP3 on Oladipo: "Those guys play hard. Vic plays really hard and he is going to be really good. They have a lot of really good bigs, so with Jacque they are always going to play hard and execute."

Former Magic fan favorite and current Clippers guard JJ Redick: "I am very excited to be in L.A. and playing for Doc and with this group. I was very fortunate with how things worked out during free agency. It is always good to be home in Orlando. I love the fans here. I love the guys in the other locker room. I wanted to beat them tonight but just couldn't get it done."

Redick on Oladipo: "He is an energy guy. Right now he plays with a lot of energy and he plays in attack mode. His skill set is clearly developing but it is there. He will be a fantastic player."

Clippers big Blake Griffin on Oladipo: "He is tough. He plays hard. That is all you can ask for. Rookies come in and hit the ground running but when they play hard they kind of make up for their mistakes. He is going to be good. He will keep learning."

Coach Vaughn on Vucevic: "He was extremely determined from the first play of the game. His aggressiveness on both ends of the floor, I love it. He looked over at me and wanted me to call his number. That's a first in our time together and so it's great to see and great to be a part of. Just seeing his growth overall of looking forward to playing the game of basketball, competing every night, I love it."

Jacque on E'Twaun: He's a gamer for one. He loves playing the game of basketball and he loves competing. That gives him a good chance when he steps out on the floor. He's not afraid of the moment either. I don't know if it's his background and the fact that he's not afraid of the moment. Two big 3s by him tonight. We put him on Jamal Crawford, one of their better 1-on-1 players. Hopefully it shows the confidence that I have in him."

11/8/13 - Boston Celtics

Jacque on Arron's late 4th quarter shot: "It was good execution by our guys. The shot was for Arron; he ended up making it. If his feet were a little smaller we would be in better shape. Good look, good execution down the stretch."

Coach Vaughn on Nikola not being utilized properly: "I think that one thing with turnovers, that didn't help us initiate our offense and then secondly they did a good job of trying to deny him the basketball. You've got to give them credit for their defense."

Nikola Vucevic: "I thought we started the game really well. Built up a nice lead like the last game, they made a run and obviously we didn't respond the right way. It's frustrating because we should have responded."

11/16/13 - Dallas Mavericks

Victor Oladipo on playing the whole 4th quarter: "Now I just have to perform in those circumstances. It's just a moment where I have to learn. It was just a tough loss. It was a real close game and I have to learn to execute in those times. Make sure my team is in the right place and my teammates. And making sure we're going everything we need to do on defense. Most of it really is on me, the point guard. The point guard to be a leader out there so I got to do a better job."

11/20/13 - Miami Heat

Jameer Nelson: "They are a great team. When we make the mistakes that we made in terms of turning the ball over, giving them extra shots, offensive rebounds, kind of deflates you. We have to do a better job of winning the effort."

11/24/13 - Phoenix Suns

Suns guard Goran Dragic on Vucevic: "He is a great player. I know him from when he was in college with the Trojans and we have the same agent so I really, really respect him. He is a great big guy and he demonstrated that last year. He is a great rebounder and he is really skilled for a big guy. He can shoot. He has both side hooks and the more the he develops he will be amongst the top at his position."

Jacque on Magic being unable to take the lead: "You give them credit offensively. They have some shot makers out there; guys that get the ball in their hands and make plays and make shots for their team."

11/27/13 - Philadelphia 76ers

Jacque on Glen Davis: "I think he's still feeling his way. I think guys are getting a rhythm of playing with him. He'll get a rhythm of when a guy's going to cut, when he's not going to cut."

Vaughn on Afflalo: "We went to him. He demanded the basketball and he was good when he got it. He ended up getting to a point where they double-teamed him and then he served as a cog for us on the post. So, just another good night from him. Solid, professional, came to work and did his job tonight."

Andrew Nicholson: "We're starting to mesh together and we shared the ball pretty well which really helped on the offensive end and playing good defense."

Nikola Vucevic: " The main thing for us tonight was that we were really moving the ball a lot on the offensive end and we were really good at attacking the paint which was something that coach mentioned before the game that we had to do."

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