Friday, July 19, 2013

Favorite Charlotte Bobcats Memories - Photo Album Edition

Charlotte hoops fans can stop booing and start cheering! Their NBA franchise has been given David Stern's blessing to switch from 'Bobcats' to 'Hornets'. As it should be as they go from a name with failure attached to it, back to a historically respected one. Even though the shifting of names, logos, and colors can't be completed until after this upcoming 2013-2014 season, I couldn't wait a year to wish farewell to the mess that was (and still is) the 'Bobcats'. Particularly when the Magic swept Charlotte out of the 1st Round of the 2009-2010 playoffs. It's the only time the 'Bobcats' have made the postseason. By signing Al Jefferson and drafting Cody Zeller, Michael Jordan is giving off signals of trying to reach the playoffs. But who are we kidding, even with Steve Clifford and Patrick Ewing as coaches now, that franchise will find a way to fail this season. So enjoy my favorite images from that glorious dismantling of Charlotte back in 2010, including Tyrus Thomas pretending to have gotten shot:

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