Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jacksonville Will Host a Magic Preseason Game Again

I wasn't going to post about the announcement of the October 9th preseason contest between the Orlando Magic and New Orleans Pelicans (R.I.P. Hornets) simply because it was covered enough yesterday. However, there is an actual official video announcement that flew under the radar and it includes Magic Ambassador Nick Anderson, basketball and Jacksonville legend Artis Gilmore, and Mayor Alvin Brown discussing an exhibition contest that really isn't that important other than it'll be the Magic's first matchup of their 2013-2014 preseason. Not to dampen the happy mood of Jacksonville's mayor. It's the first time the Magic will have played in Jacksonville since 2008. That was when Dwight Howard and gang were prepping for what would be their 'Finals' season.

Orlando isn't heading up there for an entire training camp like they did in 2004 and in 2005 (Hello, UNF, Mario Kasun isn't around to hit on all of your women this time). Side note: That 2005-2006 team had some awesome characters. This isn't considered a 'home' contest for the Magic, so they'll still play 4 preliminary games at Amway Center to warm-up for Jacque Vaughn's 2nd season at the helm. Training camp officially begins on October 1st. We've got the draft, free agency, Summer League, and some EuroBasket action to keep us happy until then.

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