Friday, March 8, 2013

Pacers Prance Past Magic on ‘Noche Latina’

Bottom line, Indiana destroyed the ‘El Magic’ hombres in black pinstripes tonight by a score of115-86. Coach Frank Vogel’s team drilled eleven 3-pointers and dominated in points in the paint 50-26. Orlando has now lost eight games by 24+ points this season, seven of those beatdowns being received at home. Click here for postgame locker room interviews. Tobias replaced Nicholson in the starting lineup. Harris had started 23 times in Milwaukee, but it was his first of hopefully many starts in a Magic jersey on Friday night.  After starting 14 consecutive games, Andrew was buried on Coach Vaughn’s bench behind Harrington and even O’Quinn.

Coach Vaughn on Indiana's post play: "They tried to establish getting the ball inside and collapsing our defense and see how we responded."

Tobias got off on the right foot by drilling his first shot, a 3-pointer. Foul trouble and missed lay-ups would prevent Tobias’ stat line from exploding, but he did pave the way for solid defending of David West. A minor scuffle between Arron Afflalo and Paul George, resulting in double technical fouls, would set the tone for a physical matchup. Orlando shot 30 FG% in the initial twelve minutes, and the Pacers led 22-15 as a result.

Coach Vaughn on a possible emotional letdown: "I'm not sure. I just think that's why it's so important that you treat each game individually and you have the right mind frame going into the game."

I despise DJ Augustin’ peskiness with a passion as the little man posted an 11-point second period. Tyler Hansbrough tallied 10 points in that quarter as well, and we all know how easy it is to loathe ‘Psycho T’. Afflalo was clearly getting angry with Indy’s players constantly shoving and nudging him around. The entire O-Town squad appeared aggravated as the Pacers led 53-38 at the break. The main difference being that Indy shot 52.3 FG% while Orlando just 33.3 FG%.

Coach Vaughn on starting Harris over Nicholson: "I just think I've started 'Drew probably 25 games this year and I want to get a sense of Tobias. It's different playing against first unit guys and second unit guys."

Indiana’s 6-0 run to open the second half basically sucked any potential energy out of any comeback attempts. Paul George poured in eighteen points in the third. Orlando doesn’t play well at home, as the 9-24 home record indicates. As a reminder, the ’03-’04 21-win Magic only had eleven victories at home. Visually, Orlando competes much better on the road. Orlando was behind 88-63 entering the final period as Magic fans could have turned the television off at this instant. The Pacers converted 26 points off of Orlando’s eighteen turnovers. The Magic host the Sixers on Sunday. 

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