Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dwight Howard - Mr. Bad Judgement

I knew I should have never trusted a man with a purse. For 8 years we Magic fans have looked past your continuously bad track record of decision making, Dwight. Why? Because most of us fans don’t throw our players under the bus for simple human stupidity. From wanting to change the Jerry West NBA logo into a logo with a cross. Knocking up a former Magic cheerleader and allegedly continuously going down the path of Shawn Kemp, who allegedly has around the same number of children as I have years having lived on this Earth. 

Side note: That headband Dwight's wearing reminds me of Wilt off the court, not on it. 

To simple things like being a God awful free throw shooter and never fully living up to the responsibilities of being our superstar co-captain, even though you demand special treatment and the spotlight. You know why Shaq hates Dwight? Because Shaq was always jealous of the unconditional love and adoration Magic fans had for Howard. O'Neal never thought, and maybe rightfully so now, that Dwight deserved such high praise. 

Just because Adidas and your other sponsors make you feel like a king doesn’t mean you’re above teammates. It takes a special person to wait until the Lakers achieve .500 before bagging former Magic teammates. Let's also mention cashing in on plagiarized music CDs and having cameos in God awful films. We accepted your planking and constant impressions of others without flinching at how lame it all was when the gags had run their course. We’re not your paid off posse. Magic fans have been there for all of it. All we wanted in return was commitment and effort in the hopes of a championship. I spent one-third of my life watching you develop from a skinny kid, more awkward with his body than most girls hitting puberty and who didn’t have an ounce of spite in his soul, to a top 5 NBA player that could have won a title in Orlando if you didn’t let the idiots around you give you such atrocious advice. How's that advice working out so far, Dwight? After all, you questioned it last May.

No more, Dwight. No more. This Orlando community is still dizzy and recovering from being treated as an enormous yo-yo. But there's a bright light at the end of the losing tunnel. GM Rob Hennigan has the blueprint in place to where the Magic can return to glory beginning in 2014. Myself and the rest of this fan base are thrilled to not be required to make excuses for these baby back bitch antics of Dwight's that the world has witnessed over the past few years. Man the hell up and be accountable for what is happening around you. We fired the greatest Magic Head Coach in franchise history for you, D12. Otis fell on his sword because he didn’t want to see SVG as the scapegoat. The billion dollar ownership continued to back you as our best shot at hoisting the gold trophy. Rich DeVos literally entrusted his fading life to you, Dwight.

You can't make it to a youth basketball camp, but you can go to an LA Dodgers baseball game? Don't let children be the victims of your dislike for a franchise. No one should doubt the legitimacy of Howard's injury during the Lockout season. But Dwight's unnecessary quotes and finger pointing were not the best way of retaliating. It even has gotten to a point in Los Angeles where Kobe, Steve Nash, and even his own Head Coach Mike D'Antoni have called out Howard's lack of grit and toughness. 

Dwight's Lakers tenure has been less than stellar, but that doesn't stop the former #12 from throwing jabs at his old home. The ‘blackmail’ accusations are laughable. You don’t seem to know what ‘blackmail’ means almost as badly as you not comprehending ‘loyalty’. The denial of having used the exact term 'blackmail' is beside the point. Your actions and inactions imply pointing the finger at someone other than yourself...again. It's like bickering about Magic fans not sitting down at Amway Center for tip-off, when you yourself have taken plays and games off the past few seasons. 

The ‘Dwightmare’ saga made the LeBron in Cleveland, Carmelo in Denver, and Deron in Utah situations look like Saturday morning specials that can be fixed in a commercial-filled half hour. Lakers fans seem to be divided rather evenly on their opinions of Dwight. It'll be intriguing come free agency to see if Howard bolts for a place like Atlanta or Dallas. Then again a sign-and-trade with Brooklyn is always on the table with Brook Lopez playing decently. .

The only thing remaining to absolutely end Dwight's credibility as a 'star' is a drug scandal. Rashard Lewis in 2009, Hedo Turkoglu just a few weeks ago, and now potentially Jameer Nelson have all been tagged in some various ways to performance enhancing drugs. If Howard's name were to be linked, that spells absolute disaster for the 2009 NBA Finals trip and 2010 Eastern Conference Finals visit. It would be a black mark and tarnished period for a still young franchise. Dwight would go from a guaranteed maximum money player this season, despite injury and disinterest, to possibly being black-listed out of the league as a worst case scenario. 

As long as Dwight doesn't pull a Shaq or T-MAC vanishing act, he will make his less than triumphant return back to the Magic Kingdom on March 12th. Jameer Nelson is literally the only active O-Town man active from last year's roster, but I'd imagine 'Mighty Mite' will get the new and young guys riled up to try and defeat the Lakers again just as they did in Staples Center on December 2nd. Vucevic out-played Dwight that night and he'll have to do it again for Orlando to stand a chance. Howard was 9-of-21 from the free throw line as all of Central Florida savored Jacque's Hack-A-Howard strategy.

There will be a plethora of Lakers fans in the Amway Center stands come next Tuesday, but my message to the Magic fans that will be in attendance is not boo or yell out empty chants to Dwight. Silence and indifference may be the better tactic, even through the Laker cheers. Save your screams and energy for the home side. They'll need it. How amazing would it be if the Lakers missed the playoffs because they lost twice to the Magic? 

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