Sunday, February 10, 2013

Quiet Nicholson Deserves All-Star Invite

Or feel free to insert your own corny tag line to infer that Andrew Nicholson is a bland character. The man that teammates have nicknamed 'YMCA' isn't exactly the boisterous type. Andrew will never give you a must-post soundbite. The reason I call the Canadian ‘Uncle ‘Drew’ is because he fits the Kyrie Irving Pepsi commercials perfectly. Andrew won’t astound anyone with his athleticism. He won't talk trash. His style of play is unorthodox to say the least. Hell, he runs like a duck and appears older than 23 years old.

But damn it, Andrew is talented and gets the job done with an impressive 53.7 percent field goal shooting efficiency. That's second among rookies behind just Detroit's center surprise Andre Drummond. If he had more shot attempts, that field goal percentage would place Nicholson 13th overall in the league between Ed Davis and Tony Parker. The arsenal of offensive moves at Andrew's disposal is beyond fantastic for any professional baller at any age. Nicholson lets his play on the parquet do all the talking. His consistency in continuing to develop new techniques and movements isn't something one expects so soon out of a 19th overall draft pick. 

With Andre Drummond now out at least a month with a bad back, that means there's an opening for All-Star Weekend's Rising Stars exhibition. Team Shaq is short one player. There is absolutely NO REASON why Nicholson shouldn’t be the replacement for Drummond as a Rising Stars participant next weekend in Houston. Also, it'd give us a fun opportunity to watch Nicholson take on sophomore beast Nik Vucevic. 'Vooch' is representing Charles Barkley's team. 

Look at the stats, there isn’t a single rookie you can place in front of Andrew now that isn't already heading to Houston. Nicholson's 7.6 points per game places him 10th among rookies. Who cares if he doesn’t speak, reward the man. Plus, Nicholson would actually do well in this type of event. No passing necessary and no defense required. ‘Drew can’t possibly be as boring as Tyler Zeller or Tristan Thompson. Plus, some extra attention may open up the physics graduate’s personality.

If Andrew was on the court longer than 15.4 minutes per contest, this campaign piece wouldn't be necessary. I don't know who makes the decision to find a replacement for Drummond. Shaq? League officials? Fans? Either way, all should open their eyes and see the no-brainer selection that is Andrew Nicholson. Send the Canadian to All-Star Weekend.

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