Friday, February 1, 2013

Boston Massacres Magic

Seriously, just put a bunch of cameras and microphones on Rob Hennigan and Scott Perry because that would have been WAY more exciting than the second half of this contest. The Magic have now lost 19 of their last 21 games played. I don't really need to add more. It's a 14-32 record for a team certainly destined for ping pong balls as Boston won 97-84. The 13-point defeat wasn't that abysmal in the end thanks to the youth hustling. Props to Kyle O'Quinn for obtaining a new career-high of 11 points, all scored in the fourth period. Get that bearded beast some meaningful minutes. Oh, and Andrew Nicholson's 14 and 10 points marked the Bonnie's first career double-double. Little rays of optimism. 

Orlando got off to a nice beginning with the Celtics sleepwalking. The Magic were finding success with some sweet Redick-Vucevic chemistry, and Andrew Nicholson making the most of his starting opportunity with Big Baby likely done for the year. Other than those 3 though, the Magic got no other first half support. A 9-0 Celtics run occurred and Orlando was down 18-27 at the 10-minute mark of the second period.

The Magic trailed by 11 at the break because of a putrid 1-of-13 shooting spree. Jameer picked up another injury, this time a left forearm contusion, as Paul Pierce came down on Nelson with a rebound. Jameer is listed as 'day-to-day' and I'd guess he's doubtful for Saturday's Milwaukee matchup.

So no Jameer, Afflalo, or Glen and naturally the Magic began to reel Boston in. Give E'Twaun credit for stepping up his game as Moore started the second half with Nelson out. Orlando got within a few points before Coach Vaughn put Hedo and Ayon in to solidify the tanking. Boston's veteran calm put Orlando in its place as the Celtics entered the final period up 72-59.

The fourth quarter was a blowout of eye-gouging proportions. Hedo still can't buy a 3-point shot as he's now 1-for-23 this season. Watch the Bucks game tomorrow, if for nothing else, for their awesome retro jerseys. 

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