Thursday, January 31, 2013

Big Baby's Broken Foot Alters Trading Landscape

Well we can all guarantee that Glen Davis won't be dealt elsewhere this season, not after fracturing his left foot last night in the first quarter of that Knicks loss. I was certain Big Baby would be involved in some sort of Rob Hennigan transaction before the February 21st deadline. You can see in Jacque Vaughn's demeanor that any chances of Orlando reversing their woeful ways of losing escaped with Glen's unexpected departure. For all of his ball hogging and bad shot selection, Glen still was coveted by playoff teams for his defense and screen setting. Davis' estimated recovery is 8-12 weeks, but it'd be pointless to throw Glen on the court in April. Not unless maybe the Magic are winning too many games that would hinder our tanking, or possibly if Henny wants Glen playing well for a potential deal in the summer.

It'll be intriguing to monitor how Jacque divvies out minutes for the next 3 weeks. If Andrew Nicholson and Kyle O'Quinn see a much higher ratio of playing time, then it means we're seeking to develop our youth the rest of the season. But if we see a lot of Al Harrington, Josh McRoberts, and Hedo Turkoglu on the court, then you know it's to showcase them for a trade. What Glen's injury won't affect is which of Afflalo or Redick gets sent packing to a new franchise. JJ and Arron are arguably the top two best assets this team is willing to deal, and both prefer the SG position. Henny has a lot of contemplating to do, and then a countless array of phone calls. 

Wednesday night was the official homecoming for Magic rookies Maurice Harkless and Kyle O’Quinn who both are New York City boys, but the Knicks weren't going to welcome them with huge grins and open arms. Orlando is now at 14-31 after a 113-97 drubbing and can't beat an Atlantic division team to save a life. We're at the portion of the season where you want this Magic roster to keep giving phenomenal effort, but that you don't mind the defeats so much because you know it gets this team closer to a great draft pick. 

JJ Redick can’t possibly raise his trade value any higher than where it currently stands. ‘Redickulous’ put up 14 points in the opening quarter while Jameer Nelson had 12 as the Knicks’ defense didn’t apply much pressure on that Magic backcourt. Glen Davis hurting his left foot and Nik Vucevic getting in foul trouble prevented Jacque Vaughn’s club from sustaining their superb start. 31-31 stalemate after one period as Orlando’s 61.9 FG% and New York’s 59.1 FG% clearly wouldn’t remain that bountiful.

Ish Smith did a wonderful job pushing the tempo and attacking the bucket in the much more defensive second period. David Steele was kind enough to remind the FOX Sports Florida viewing audience that Jameer absolutely loves destroying Raymond Felton, and there was no Jason Kidd to cover up for Felton’s terrible defending. Nelson’s nineteen first half points are a strong indicator of that. If you consider DeQuan an SF, 47 of Orlando’s 51 points at the break came from Magic guards. Amazing. All square at 51-51 in the locker room.

From there it was all Knicks. Amare' baptizing Gustavo Ayon to open the 4th really opened the floodgates. Orlando practiced at Harvard on Thursday in preparation to take on the Celtics in Boston on Friday evening.

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