Saturday, December 15, 2012

Rakovic Unleashes Rage on Opponent's Face

Milovan Rakovic decided to unleash his fury in a Eurocup game a few days ago. 'Rak Attack' is still relevant in the NBA world because the Magic still hold his league rights should he ever officially make the leap from the other side of the Atlantic. The 27-year-old came over for Summer League in 2009, but didn't play for Orlando. We haven't seen him since. I blame it on the curse of being the last pick of the 2007 NBA Draft. I'm not saying this current Orlando squad needs him. He's slower, shorter, and less athletic than Marcin Gortat. Nowhere near as skilled as the beefy Nikola Pekovic, even if Rak Attack is just as tough. But it'd be nice to see Milovan live his NBA dream, even if that means trading him and receiving some assets in return. The big man is currently in his first season of his 2-year deal with Bilbao Basket as Rakovic is racking up respectable European accolades. 

Bilbao Basket continued their scorching start to their European competition by defeating Belgian side Spirou Charleroi 85-84. Rakovic managed an efficient 9 points. Bilbao had long punched their ticket to the Round of 16 of Eurocup. The close game would conclude after the contest with a scuffle between the two sides. It looks like Charleroi's Matt Walsh immediately escalated a peaceful sharing of handshakes as he two-hand shoved Axel Herville. Maybe Walsh was unleashing 0-6 frustration despite pouring in 27 points.

Above you can view the slowed down high-quality video of the incident. I love the one Bilbao fan spitting in Matt Walsh's direction. Milovan didn't start the confrontation, but he certainly finished it by standing up for his Bilbao teammates. Here is the entire television broadcast of the skirmish and calming down period. Milovan looked like an NFL defensive end running around an offensive lineman to sack a quarterback. Rakovic got a full force blow on Walsh's face.

The consequences of Milovan's actions are yet to be known as of now. There may not even be any because apparently Eurocup officials haven't even acknowledged the pandemonium occurred. I guess when it's not Euroleague play, no one cares. Maybe they're fearing Rak Attack retaliation. Can't blame them. On another former-Magic man side note, enjoy this Travis Diener interview about his current Eurocup stint with Dinamo Sassari.

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