Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ryno Must Earn His Next Contract Now

Though the Magic as a whole have played superbly through these crippling circumstances, coming back home tied 1-1, there is one ghost that just can't provide much consistency or fire power. No, it's not the one Otis Smith is visiting in Los Angeles. It's Ryan Anderson. Game 2 saw Ryno go into that 44-42 halftime with 8 points (granted off bad shooting) and 8 rebounds. No one can have shooting gripes when Anderson hustles on the glass. The problem came in the second half. Not one rebound and only a 3-pointer before Ryan succumbed to foul trouble. 

His Game 1 didn't go so well either. 5 points and 6 rebounds. It's becoming a disturbing pattern. If he wants to see more than $6 million per season, he's going to have to buck this trend. The Magic scored 13 points in each of the first two 3rd quarters of this series. The difference was that Indiana mustered 19 points in Game 1's third period, only to torch us with 30 third quarter points in Game 2. Ryno is now in his 4th NBA season, third with the Magic. He's 23 years old, but the youth factor is going out the window and being replaced with playoff phantom. Last year against the Hawks, the Magic just needed one (JUST ONE) of Ryan or Brandon Bass to have a decent series in order to advance. Mr. Anderson averaged over 24 minutes a game yet put up an unforgivable 4.6 ppg and 4.5 rpg on a pitiful 26.7 FG%. We couldn't judge much on Ryno's limited minutes in the 2010 playoffs. No one can question his effort, but hustle doesn't grow a clutch gene. If Snoggle wants to continue being an NBA starter, as well as being paid like a starting forward, he's going to have to find a way to not become a disappearing act in the postseason. These next two games at Amway Center are a damn good time to begin. Did I mention it's going to be Ryan's 24th birthday this upcoming Sunday? Give yourself the gift of home victories. Ryno must back up his Most Improve Player award worthy regular season one way or another.

Hopefully J-Rich's jammed left finger will be back to normal on Wednesday. It was evident that Jason shouldn't have been out there since suffering the injury in the 2nd quarter on Monday night. Stan needed to give Redick and Wafer his minutes. Big Baby was huffing really hard in that second half. It caused Davis to flatten out his jumper more and clank them off the rim. Earl didn't provide anywhere near his best and our rotation paid for it. Glen will still be fatigued come Game 3 Wednesday night, but that rambunctious Amway Center crowd should carry him through that. No matter what happens in Game 3, the result will have both teams thinking long and hard about what will have occurred because Game 4 won't be until Saturday afternoon. I remember Dante Marchitelli reporting that Hedo told the guys during a 1st quarter huddle that he couldn't see out of his mask. His play somewhat mirrored that. For a blind man though, Turk actually didn't do THAT bad. Maskoglu will just have to adapt. Jameer can't wait until the final minutes of a contest to 'turn it on'. Nelson must attack at will and not let George Hill have the better game like he did Monday. Duhon was bearable, but Stan needs to instill Ish's energy. Unleash the fresh blood.

Danny Granger has had two straight bad games. Hibbert is seeing Glen in his nightmares and at this rate may write his will on his body. But the Pacers are skilled and deep enough to where they have no problem winning games with those two struggling. Not when Hill, Paul George, and David West are playing as solid as they all did in Game 2. They all stepped up. Period. That Indy backcourt shredded us to pieces on the break. Who will bring it for the Magic? Can we protect our parquet? I'll tell you this, I'd bet some decent money on Orlando fans to provide better crowd atmosphere than Pacers fans at Bankers Life Fieldhouse have so far. It needs to be old school electric in there. Be loud and be proud, Magic fans. We still have the upper hand currently. 'Blue & White Ignite' gets to have its say now. Our big crowd support has the capability of assisting in mitigating Indiana's size and speed advantage.

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