Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Official NBA-Sanctioned 2012 All-Star Weekend Events Schedule

My previous blog post was more on the alcohol-friendly, staring at ladies, and buckwild side of All-Star Weekend. If you're just a pure basketball addict, and you're not the biggest fan of PowerPoint presentations, well I'm sure you can make an exception for what the City of Orlando created and provided. Most of the events displayed won't have very much casual spectator access. It's basically for NBA players, associates, media, and the other V.I.P. types. Some of these screen grabs you won't be able to read even though I've expanded them outside of my blog design boundaries, but clicking on them to expand to their original size vastly improves the quality.

As you can see, we're less than 2 days away from NBA-sanctioned festivities beginning and still some of these official events haven't been given an exact time of occurrence yet. Still, it's very easy to notice that there's not much opportunity for sleep. Fantastic. For us locals, the tail end of that presentation should put a smile on all of us Orlando natives and citizens when we start crunching fiscal and non-monetary figures. There's a lot to be potentially be proud of when this weekend concludes, Central Florida. Who said sports were a bad community investment?

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