Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hopefully No One Paid Money for the Celebrity Game

I can't believe people were paying $50 for tickets to the Celebrity Game. I came away more than disappointed and I got in for free. Yes I enjoyed a few moments.Penny Hardaway and Nick Anderson starting in the backcourt and goofing around with Dwight Howard. Arne Duncan and Doug Gottlieb making some superb plays to get the crowd loud. J. Cole's (who looks like a shorter Michael Beasley) alley oop jam and then the monstrous block on Common completely shocked me.

But when you combine disinterested former athletes and lackluster celebrities, and then you throw in attempts at hard-nosed defense, you're going to have an overall boring night. The beatdown the East put on the West didn't help. People complain about the Rising Stars game not having ANY defense, yet can't stop drooling from their mouths over the phenomenal dunks and highlights that come out of it. Friday night wasn't the exception. From timeout and stoppage entertainment, there wasn't much to enjoy live other than DJ Irie and the New York Knicks dancers (Take notes, Magic girls). I'm sure the television audience enjoyed Mr. Hart's antics more than me.

Call me a freak, but I don't understand what makes Kevin Hart funny. The little Superman kid put Hart and Dwight himself to shame as far as the 'hilarity meter' goes. To top off the horrendous show, Kevin Hart walks away with MVP. Duncan and Gottlieb must have been furious as should most people who actually watched the game. This is why fan voting normally is an impending failure waiting to happen. 

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