Monday, October 17, 2011

NBA Lockout Day 109

This goes into the 'favorites' section of your YouTube accounts and at the top of your Magic playlists. A very detailed clip of Scott Skiles breaking the NBA assists record has popped up for all Orlando fans to gratefully behold. Let's pray the NBA doesn't take this one down. I didn't realize that it took a 30-assist performance from Scotty for Matt Guokas' squad to finally claim a victory over the Denver Nuggets franchise.

A 155-116 smacking around on December 30, 1990 that is a thing of beauty to admire when you just stare at the box score a few decades later. Oh yeah, and Skiles still managed to add 22 points and 6 rebounds. Skiles was so great that he even got Greg Kite's lumbering old ass a jam. It's a phenomenal personal crowning achievement that hasn't been surpassed and hopefully never will be.

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