Monday, October 10, 2011

Harper Helps Strasbourg Steal Season Opener

Not bad for a team of unknown young talent and expectationsHere are highlights of SIG's 77-74 inspiring comeback victory at home against Cholet in Saturday's French Pro A seasonal debut weekend. It's tough to miss the physically imposing #5 that is Harper. Although Kevin Anderson and Abdoulaye M'Baye would be the main driving force of Strasbourg completing its surpassing of the visitors, Justin Harper is not to be ignored. In 29 minutes, Vincent Collet's starting power forward put up 10 points, 7 rebounds, and 2 steals in what was quite the efficient debut by the end of the contest. Lavoy Allen also had a solid outing in limited minutes, who also scored the squad's first bucket. Here's a summary of the contest. If you use Google Chrome, the French to English translator does a decent job to decipher. Another media piece, just so Magic fans can get a better feel for how they're analyzing this SIG side.

Justin Harper refused to shoot a 3-pointer which again goes to show that he doesn't need to be hot from downtown to make an impact. The 6'9" forward actually had a rough first half shooting the rock. Only 1-of-4. So it's fantastic that Harper would conclude his first official French league match by shooting 3-of-4 in the 2nd half. Here's Vincent Collet congratulating Harper on being less 'one-dimensional' and showing improvement in his defending.

There's also a Florida Gators story to this week 1 match with the peculiar absence of Chandler Parsons. Cholet carries 6 foreign players. The maximum a French Pro A franchise can have active for a game is 5. Out of ALL the guys Cholet's coach could have chosen to bench, Erman Kunter ends up leaving Parsons inactive for the Strasbourg match where he easily could have gone up against Harper. You paid the guy money to play while there's an NBA Lockout ongoing, and yet he sits. Something strange is going on there and Houston Rockets fans and media should try to figure out what.

Up next for 1-0 Strasbourg, a massive road test on Saturday October 15th. Taking on the defending Pro A league champions SLUC Nancy is rough enough, but they also added Nicolas Batum. Batum came off a phenomenal EuroBasket with France (coached by SIG's man Vincent Collet) and is not showing signs of slowing down as Nancy are also 1-0 and on pace to cause havoc.

Edit: Strasbourg just released the postgame interview:

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