Monday, September 26, 2011

NBA Lockout Day 88 & Kobe Visits Athens

Another slow news day on the work stoppage front. But, Kobe Bryant continued his NIKE basketball global tour. He was just recently in Turkey, so Kobe is getting around quickly. From today through at least Tuesday, the Black Mamba is in Athens, Greece to promote various events. Today he was at the House of Hoops for a Foot Locker and NIKE HELLAS showing. Bryant smiled for basically the entire 45-minute appearance as he enjoyed the crowd chanting his name. Kobe talked for a bit to some of the teenage players competing in 3-on-3 tournaments. The 5-time NBA champion also mentioned how his phone won't stop ringing. Kobe paraphrased: 'Anyone can make me an offer for me to play in Europe and Greece.' Clearly it was to appease the crowd, I doubt any Greek team can currently offer anything close to what Bologna is offering.

About 600 people were outside of the store, packing the street to get a glimpse of the Los Angeles Laker legend. The mini-dunk contest exhibition that took place ended up stealing the attention though. One of the teenage kids BROKE the rim on his jam attempt. I don't care how cheap that basket may have looked, it's still quite the feat. Kobe along with Portland Trailblazer second round Draft pick, and current Panionios player, Jon Diebler were 'judging' the jam session. The scene speaks for itself.

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