Monday, September 19, 2011

NBA Lockout Day 81

Another Vintage NBA show, this time it's centered around Wes Unseld. It's not often you see a new face take home Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player in the same season, but that's what happened in the 1968-1969 campaign. Known more for his supreme rebounding abilities, the 5-time All-Star proved you didn't have to be an offensive machine to be recognized. Rip Hamilton had the chance to praise the 6'7" great, and also question his height. Funny that Hamilton would later get to team up with a similar undersized afro beast in Ben Wallace. Wes smiled less than Kendrick Perkins.

Unseld stayed with one franchise his entire playing, coaching, and executive career. From the Baltimore Bullets days to when he retired his sneakers in 1981 at age 34. To a disappointing head coaching career, and even a General Manager stage with the Washington Wizards. His loyalty was rewarded in the '77-'78 season when the Bullets took down the Seattle Sonics in the 1978 NBA Finals. 3rd time is always the charm. Don't worry Seattle, you'd get them back the next summer. Wes not only brought D.C. its only basketball title, but Unseld also took home Finals MVP.

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