Saturday, September 17, 2011

NBA Lockout Day 79

Kareem Abdul Jabbar's Vintage NBA piece doesn't need much promotion. Not only one of the best centers in NBA history, but one of the greatest ever. Really cool to see the play (a sky hook of course) where Kareem broke Wilt Chamberlain's scoring record. KAJ or Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Jr., the name doesn't matter so much as the mark he left on the league.

His sky hook was unstoppable and a hell of a signature move. Kareem was always a winner until the day he retired. The man is bigger than basketball as even non-sports people (Yes, they exist) can recognize who KAJ is through his commercials and movie appearances. Chris Webber displays his man love for the legend's finesse and style of play. As you'd expect, the interviews are epic.

Jabbar's longevity is rare, let alone the phenomenal statistics he put up during his 20 NBA seasons with the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers. He never missed more than 20 games in a season. This is all coming after a phenomenal dynasty run with the UCLA Bruins where Jabbar led his school to 3 straight NCAA titles. I'm curious to know where Kareem keeps all of his hardware.

The accomplishment sheet is ridiculous. 1970 Rookie of the Year. 6-time NBA champion. 6-time MVP. 2-time Finals MVP. An unprecedented, 19 All-Star Game selections. 10-time All-NBA First Team. 5-time All-Defensive First Team. 2nd all time in NBA matches played. 1st in field goals made, points, minutes. There's so much more to list. 

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