Thursday, September 15, 2011

NBA Lockout Day 77

Darryl Dawkins' Vintage NBA piece. 'Chocolate Thunder' never made an All-Star Game, but always played better than his statistics showed. The Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Nets great was never able to win an NBA title, but that doesn't take away from the man's mark on the game. He may have been seen as an on-the-court entertainer, but Darryl was more than that (his defense shows that). But of course the producers would put Scot Pollard in this clip. Where swag meets crazy.

The 6'11" man dunked with such force that few men past or present in the NBA could match. It's why he had to come up with a name for every new jam. Dawkins was also the classic example of a man who upped his level of play from the regular season to the postseason. He was on those Sixers teams that were so close to hoisting the trophy, but just couldn't get through the final barriers. Julius Erving still loves the man.

The Planet Lovetron product is touted as one of the best players to come into the league straight out of high school in the modern NBA era. Some very enjoyable highlights and interviews. Orlando, FL is very proud of Dawkins. 

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