Monday, September 5, 2011

NBA Lockout Day 67

Michael Jordan's last regular season game in a Chicago Bulls uniform. It proved to be a brilliant matchup against old rivals the New York Knicks. A 111-109 thriller occurred on April 18, 1998. Notice Anthony Bowie was a Knick and played a hell of a game, scoring 16 points.

M.J. had his standard 44 points, though he had a rough 1st half and needed a lot of free throws. Michael was battling Shaquille O'Neal for the scoring crown, which Jordan earned with this final game.

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Scottie Pippen and Charlie Ward each racked up impressive double-doubles. Ward's 17 assists are really surprising considering he did it at the United Center. You'll notice Chicago fans, even before the Lockout, begging for the dynasty to not break up. How that NYC team competed, I have no idea.

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