Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Justin Harper's First Clips From Strasbourg

I have no idea where this Strasbourg friendly took place, but this is where we get our first look at our new 6'9" forward. I'm assuming this isn't SIG's 6,000 seat venue. Supposedly this match occurred September 9th against a team called Souffelweyersheim, a 3rd division French team, which is also part of metropolitan Strasbourg. As you can tell by my late posting, I have seen zero coverage of Justin Harper or his new SIG team from any American media outlets (let alone Orlando) up to this point.

Strasbourg defeated their opponent 85-72. I can find no box score. But based on the only two videos of Justin Harper (and one of Lavoy Allen), we know the locked out rookie had at least 5 points. Can't even tell what number he will wear across the pond. I will say the jumper looks very smooth and he's moving around in a halfcourt set with relative ease, showing nice off-ball movement and screens. Mind you, this is a putrid opponent. Again, it's two tiny clips, not an entire game.

Hopefully this almost invisible journalism doesn't become a trend, because I know myself and other Magic fans want to keep track of the #32 Draft pick's progress in the French Pro A league. After all, last month I did a piece on why Justin shouldn't be playing in France.  I'd hate to be proven correct. Strasbourg is a young, very talented team this upcoming season. With that said, there will be plenty of chances for Justin Harper to show off how well he can carry a roster.

SIG Strasbourg will take on Nicolas Batum's lockout team, SLUC Nancy on October 15th to begin the Pro A season. So there's still a month's preparation left and plenty of exhibitions to accompany the training.


  1. I'm the author of these videos of Justin and Lavoy. I'm a fan of Strasbourg team. It's not our arena. During this match against Souffelweyersheim he scored 19 pts (3/7 fro 3 points and 8/16 totally), he took 2 rebonds, he lost 6 balls for only 1 assist...I follow all game and I have the majority of the box score if you want. Justin can be a big man (I'm Sure) but he needs to get used to playing at a professional speed.
    Nice BLOG!

  2. Thanks a lot for the videos, hope you post more. A lot of Magic fans really care about Justin's progress with your team. I'm finding box scores on the Strasbourg's official website, but thanks for the offer.

  3. The SIG will played against Dijon (a frist division French team too) with many very good player such as Bobby Dixon (very good point guard) or Sean Marschall (ex-Boston College and cocaptain with his friend the NBAer Jared Dudley)and 2 very strong center with Zach Moss and Rob Lewin (ex-SIG 2007 to 2009).
    the game will take place in the countryside 50miles from Strasbourg, Kaysersberg, this saturday.
    I try to go to see the game and sent you many news of Justin...

  4. This is Souffelweyersheim's gym. It can hold around 1,000 to 1,100 at the most. The town has around ...6.500 inhabitants total. Incredible that such a small town is in 3rd division in France. This same team nearly upset Strasbourg last year in the French Cup. Justin is definitely the real deal and is one of Strasbourg's best players so far.