Wednesday, August 24, 2011

NBA Lockout Day 55

Allen Iverson going H.A.M. in Game 2 and Game 5 of the 2001 Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Toronto Raptors. 54-point and 52-point absolutely ridiculous performances from The Answer. The regular season MVP looked like one throughout the Philadelphia 76ers' run to the NBA Finals. Before Game 5, A.I. received his MVP trophy. You knew that game was over from the start.

If you want the entire series, you're in luck, all 7 games are on Youtube. You can spend an entire day watching this epic playoff seriesGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Game 6Game 7.

Have to feel bad for the Raptors and Vince Carter (Who put up 50 points in Game 3) who were supposedly on the rise. You wonder if Vinsanity ever regrets attending hid UNC graduation?

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