Sunday, August 14, 2011

NBA Lockout Day 45

The 1975 NBA Finals is currently on Youtube between the Washington Bullets and Golden State Warriors. Game 2Game 3Game 4 is in French, and only has the 2nd half available. People were predicting an easy victory for Washington. Oops. The Warriors were seen as massive underdogs and were down 16 in that very first game before storming back to nab a road victory. Momentum can carry you a long ways. 

The series was dubbed the first time in U.S. major sports history that two African-American coaches were at the helm of their respective teams, facing off in a championship. K.C. Jones with the Bullets, and Al Attles with the Warriors. This was Attles' first and only trip to the Finals, so it's pretty remarkable that his Warriors swept such a talented Bullets team. Then again, it's great to have Rick Barry on your roster. A decade later, Jones would coach the Boston Celtics to 2 championships. 

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