Sunday, July 31, 2011

NBA Lockout Day 31

November 14, 1995. Your Orlando Magic hosted the Chicago Bulls with Jon Koncak starting (shooting abysmal airballs and all) for the injured Shaquille O'Neal. Koncak was just an atrocious basketball player. He spent 10 seasons with the Atlanta Hawks before making the move to Orlando for the '95-'96 season. He was so bad that the Magic were winning in spite of him. Jon would subsequently retire after his one year stay. Even without Shaq, this was a battle of two powerhouse squads. The Bulls were debuting their still popular black jerseys. 

Chicago came into the O-Rena undefeated (on their way to a legendary 72-10 record and a championship) and looked to stay that way after the 1st quarter. The game from then on gets much more competitive. Anfernee Hardaway and his 36-point offensive clinic didn't really care much for the Bulls' new wardrobe, and was ready to out-duel MJ. Michael Jordan's revenge of the '95 playoff defeat would have to wait. This was the beginning of Penny becoming a superstar. Brian Hill and Phil Jackson both get fairly boisterous throughout this game as they knew this had become a rivalry. 

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